A simple, yet fun, game created by a group of 3 middle schoolers. Since we are new to coding and game development, please let us know if there are bugs. The game works best on a Chrome browser. Please enjoy! (If the game doesn't start, the page may need a reload.)

Development log


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Deleted 220 days ago

A combination of JavaScript editors, mostly Brackets.

I can't get past 30

Have you tried moving the fireball up and down?

this game is fun but im too good. it only stops at 55. obviously i hit that number 10 times already. 

Congratulations on reaching this high score! The bug will be fixed.



you might want to make the pigeons drop a bit slower. My computer cant take all of it. LOL. it all good tho


this is hard yet fun good job guys. 

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed. I will work on the speed of the pigeons. A clarification question: What browser were you using while playing the game?

Noice -Milan


yes- someone